you realize how much effort you make with a person when you don’t text them first for once and they never speak to you again

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alright, so it’s summer
and a lot of us have nothing to do
fun and really addictive flash/html5 games:
i hate this game smh
2048 bc yea
don’t play this with friends bc you won’t get to play
robot unicorn attack
15 actually useful lifehacks
more useful lifehacks
whoa. lifehacks
literally a website about lifehacks
"most awesome lifehacks ever"
it’s summertime!!!
for those of you in college (or starting college)
if you’re lazy like me lmao
you’ll be glad you’ll know this:
foods that cause acne!!
things you definitely shouldn’t order at your local mcdonald’s
gross things you eat every day
oooo subliminal messages!
PROOF puberty isn’t useless
more proof
menu hacks at mcdonalds
useful websites:
you don’t realize how useful this list is
or this one
and this one…
learn a new language!
now practice it
do you have the perfect face?
know when to wake up
learn how to code
smart articles written by smart people
a great website that helps you find artists similar to your favorite ones really easily
use netflix and other things only available in certain countries
free music (and legal!)
just click this. it’s not so much useful as it is cute and fun
go to some random place on earth
actually useless websites
awesome 90’s movies
upcoming disney movies!!!
loads of movies & tv shows
think you know your movie trivia well enough?
make your blog better
change your theme
or learn how to make your own
maybe recover the one you were using before?
get to use your dash better
tips for getting more followers
hopefully this will make your summer better!
this list took a long time to compile, so if you liked it, please reblog!
"ok I love them but-"
someone who’s bout to talk major shit on their friend (via

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BREAKFAST:apple spice oatmeal pancakesapple stuffed french toast baby step buns banana pancakesbreakfast breaddairy and gluten free pancakesdouble whole grain pancakeseggie veggie bakeegg white crepesegg white veggie omeletenglish muffinsfluffy canadian pancakesginger bread oatmealgluten free banana bread pancakesgluten free coconut pancakesgranolaoatmeal breakfast cookieoatmeal pancakespancakes peanut butter granolaturkey breakfast sausagevegan banana strawberry oatmeal squaresvegan and gluten free peach crispvegan banana oatmeal wafflesvegan crepeswhole grain pancakesLUNCH:asian chicken saladbaked zucchini friesbbq tuna frittersbread biscuitsburmese shrimp and cucumber saladcaribbean chicken saladcoconut shrimp lettuce wrapscrispy eggplant with spicy tomato saucefajitasgrilled fish tacosgrilled zucchini pizzahawaian chicken kabobsportobello mushroom friesquinoa tortillaskinny tuna melt soft pretzelssushisushi saladsweet potato chipstaco saladtuna saladvegan avocado stuffed with quinoa saladvegan falafelvegetarian sandwichesvegetarian sloppy joeswhole wheat and honey pizza crustDINNER:baked basil zucchinibaked macaroni and cheesebaked salmonbaked squashbaked turkey burgersbalsamic grilled summer vegetables with basil quinoa saladbbq lime and mango turkeybbq rosemary sweet potatoblack bean veggie burgersbroccoli and sundried tomato pastachicken, avocado saladchicken nuggetscitrus grilled chickendinner rollsfarmers market saladfarro salad with roasted mushrooms and parmesangarlic and lime shrimpgarlic and parmesan turkey meatballsgarlic and rosemary chickengnocchigrilled tuna and cous cous saladmexican twice baked potatoesmoroccan apricot chicken tendersmushroom pizza with caramalised onionsoven fried eggplantpecan crusted dover solepineapple pork kebobspork fried riceroasted rosemary root vegetablesroasted vegetable salad with feta and chickpeassauteed garlic and tomato lentil saladseasoned potato wedgesslow cooker meatloafslow cooker pineapple chicken verde slow cooker pulled pork sandwichesslow cooker rosemary chicken slow cooker two bean chickensouthwestern quinoa pasta saladsticky ricethai spiced bbq shrimptuna stuffed zucchinivegan lasagnaveggie lasagnazucchini sticksDESERT: baked applebanana almond and chocolate ice creambanana berry soft servebanana split cheesecake bitesblueberry-pomegranate ice lollieschocolate hazelnut ice creamchocolate moussechocolate puddingcreamy baked pearsfruity popsiclesgreek yogurt cupcakesgreek yogurt thin mint cupcakesgrilled peaches with gingersnapshealthy banana foster healthy brownie mini protein cheesecakeno bake peanut butter nuggetsnutella fudge popspecan piepeanut butter and chocolate ice creampeppermint meringuespremium poached peachesraw carrot cake raw tropical ice creamroasted maple papayasweet potato pie vanilla ice creamvegan and gluten free, peanut butter, caramel cheesecake vegan and gluten free, peanut butter and chocolate chip banana breadwatermelon tartSNACKS:88 healthy snacks under 100kcalalmond joys apple cupcakes apples peanut butter slicesbanana bitesberry oat cupscaramel chewscaramel popcornchocolate barchocolate chip ballschocolate chip cookiescinnamon fruit kebobscranberry pistachio energy bitescrunchy granola barseggplant chipsfrozen banana bitesfrozen fruit popsfrozen yogurt blackberries frozen yogurt strawberriesfruity fun skewershealthy peanut butter oatmeal cookieskettle cornmeringue cookies no bake healthy protein barsno bake nutella protein cookiesoatmeal, raisin, peanut butter ballspeanut butter cupspizza roll upspumpkin seed power barsroasted chick peas skinny coconut cupcakesstrawberry and mango fruit roll up
DRINKS:apple pie smoothiebanana spice smoothieberry watermelon smoothieblueberry banana smoothieblueberry coconut water frosty chocolate cranberry smoothie chocolate milkshakecitrus frosty coco-berry smoothiecoconut hot chocolatecranberry and banana smoothiefresh orange juice smoothiegrapefruit pink smoothie green lemon and pineapple smoothiegreen tea mango smoothiehealthy vegan breakfast smoothieimmunity builder smoothiemocha coconut frappuccinomocha madness recovery shakepeanut butter, banana green smoothiepurpose smoothies strawberry, blueberry smoothiestrawberry lemonade frostystrawberry shortcake smoothie sweet pomegranate smoothie sweet potato hot cocoatasty fruit smoothietropical smoothievegan almond butter banana shakevegan cashew ripple strawberry shakevegan chamomile banana shakevegan chocolate raspberry smoothievegan chocolate s’mores shakevegan chocolate, strawberry, banana shakevegan double chocolate chip shakevegan peaches and cream smoothie vegan peachy hemp protein smoothievegan red, white and blue smoothievegan secret ingredient matcha shakevegan secret ingredient vanilla shakevegan wild blueberry shake virgin peachy lychee daiquiriwatermelon frostywhipped strawberry lemonadeCONDIMENTS: almond-peanut butterbbq saucechocolate peanut butterfig jam with lavender, thyme and walnutshummusketchuppeanut butter fruit dipspinach dipBASICS: almond flourbreadbread crumbscondensed milk housewarming breadpizza doughGREAT HEALTHY FOOD BLOGS: displayed by calorieseverythingdesserts

this… is actually the greatest thing ever



hey repeat after me

  • jealousy is terrible
  • jealousy is terrible
  • jealousy is not cute
  • jealousy is terrible and can tear a person apart so please don’t make people jealous on purpose just to be an asshole

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